In 2017 Foundation Center ran a survey of our audience - people who attend our online and in-person programs at one or more of our four regional hubs across the country, as well as those who subscribe to our newsletter.

Over 2,000 people responded. Here are some of the highlights:

A substantial number of younger respondents cite that they have been working in the social sector for most of their professional lives. Most people working in the social sector tend to hear about Foundation Center around the same time they start working in the sector, or shortly thereafter. The most common way people find out about the work we do is through good old word-of-mouth.

The survey brought in responses from across the country, with many people indicating that they work primarily in fundraising. A large portion of fundraising professionals cite that their work also overlaps with marketing responsibilities, program planning, or administrative work. Smaller operating budgets ($0-3M) are prevalent among survey takers who are in the process of forming nonprofit, in grantmaking foundations, and in social enterprises.

Mid-level managers and executive-level professionals told us they come to Foundation Center 's in-person locations primarily to attend a class, followed by using our space to conduct research on targeted funding opportunities.

When asked whether their use of Foundation Center increased their skills and knowledge of fundraising, nearly 60% of all respondents said yes. More than half (53%) told us that Foundation Center helped them identify new sources of funding, and over 20% told us that using our services impacted their decision to start a nonprofit. We are here to help. Our free class, Introduction to Finding Grants, is a great first step to learning how to target a list of potential donors to your project. The class is offered online, on-demand, or in-person.

Thanks to all those who took the survey. Your responses provide us with insights on how we can more effectively connect the social sector to the resources it needs to thrive, and that 's our goal here on GrantSpace.

P.S. Our survey promised respondents the chance to win a $100 cash prize as well as other regional prizes. The national winner was profiled in October.

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