We’re excited to share that Foundation Center and GuideStar have joined forces to become Candid, a single nonprofit organization dedicated to sharing information and insights that can fuel deeper impact. Although we’ve always shared a commitment to the same values, becoming Candid will allow us to combine our knowledge and passions to start a new era—and allow us to do more than we could ever do apart.

First things first: We will continue to provide you with high quality social sector training, knowledge opportunities, and resources you've come to find here on Grantspace, which includes the programs below.

For example, you can still visit one of our 400+ (and growing!) FIN partners in the United States and around the world. Go here to find a location near you for access to the funding data you need to thrive.

Our goal during this time is to make sure you get the same great experience you are accustomed to. Over the coming years, we’re anticipating a lot of exciting enhancements that will directly benefit you and the entire social sector.

At Candid, we strive to have an open dialogue with our community of users. We know you must have some questions, but we also value any thoughts you have about the changes. So if you have any questions or simply want to share your thoughts on our new identity, let us know via chat or email. We would love to know what you think!

Unveiling Candid was only the first step. In the months ahead, we’ll be providing you with more exciting developments, so stay tuned. You can also find more information on candid.org, and make plans to attend our free informational webinar on February 20.

About the Author(s)

Julieta Mendez Senior Director of Network Engagement, Candid

Kate Tkacik Director of Network Engagement Candid

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