You might have seen the 2009 vs. 2019 or “Ten Year Challenge” posts pop up on your social media feeds, first at the beginning of this year, and again as we approach the end. It’s all good fun, but it does have me thinking about what’s happened over the last decade, and what I might make of the next. 

Here at Candid, we’ve taken strides and made major changes just in this past year alone. Of course, we launched our new identity as Candid, but also have made some changes that directly impact how we are serving nonprofits, both online and in local communities. Earlier this summer, Zohra Zori, Vice President for Social Sector Outreach, shared our new Candid in the Community strategy, outlining how we’ll be showing up in our local and regional communities to connect with the sector and how we’ll ensure you have the resources you need to thrive.

Looking back beyond this year, and also through the decade, one thing that stands out to me is not only the amount of change, but also the consistency of service. I took a quick look at some of Candid’s past websites on the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine (give this a try, it’s so fun…). While I saw some dated content, and some down-right terrible graphic design, I saw a lot that looked familiar: robust training calendars, self-serve content, and training topics that resonated with the needs of nonprofits at that time. 

As we approach 2020, this made me consider what questions we ask ourselves about what we want to do or be in the new decade. Certainly, we’ll ask ourselves what we want to do differently and how we can improve our work, our mission, and our personal accomplishments. But let’s also acknowledge and take pride in what we’ve done well, and ask ourselves what we want to be sure to continue. 

Change will come, and improvements will always be needed, but Candid will keep doing our best to get you the information you need to continue doing good in the world, and for your communities. 

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