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ParentCorps is a family-centered, school-based program offered within New York City 's Pre-K For All system, and the Einhorn Family Charitable Trust is one of the program 's committed partners.

Join us for a special case study to examine the inner workings of a close, symbiotic funder-grantee collaboration. In this conversation between the leaders of the Einhorn Family Charitable Trust and ParentCorps, gain insights as to what elements can generate a harmonious, highly impactful collaboration that achieves the goals and missions of a nonprofit and its funder alike, with tangible results for the community that they serve.

The organizations will share how their partnership was born, the ways in which they navigate the relationship, and lessons learned along the way.


Jennifer Hoos Rothberg
Executive Director
Einhorn Family Charitable Trust

Dr. Laurie Brotman
Bezos Family Foundation Professor of Early Childhood Development, Department of Population Health
Founder, ParentCorps
Director, Center for Early Childhood Health and Development

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Published Wednesday, November 15, 2017