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Without clearly understanding the differences between and nuances of monitoring and evaluation, nonprofits can struggle in tracking their progress toward higher impact, and donors might not ask the right questions when analyzing organizations. This is made even more complex as new technologies emerge.

Join us for an exploration of the findings from Epic Foundation’s newly released 2018 Outlook Report. Based on the analysis of over 3,500 NGOs and social enterprises supporting children and youth globally, the 2018 research report examines the role of monitoring and evaluation in philanthropy today. It builds upon some of the key data emerged from the analysis to identify trends, challenges, and innovations occurring in the nonprofit/philanthropic market.

In this session, Epic Foundation’s Executive Vice President, Nicola Crosta, will detail some of the report’s most noteworthy findings, and discuss the following questions with an Epic portfolio organization:

  • What are the forces re-shaping the nonprofit and philanthropic market?
  • What is ‘monitoring and evaluation’ and how does it contribute to impact-focused philanthropy?
  • What role do strategic philanthropists play in fostering innovation and social impact today?
  • How are new technologies shaping monitoring and evaluation today?

The discussion and report will be useful for nonprofits, NGOs, social enterprises alike, as well as strategic donors, foundations, CSR departments, and impact investors.

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Brad Presner Director of Analytics Living Goods
Nicola Crosta Executive Vice President Epic Foundation

Published Wednesday, July 11, 2018