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"Nothing I tell you today is a rule, it's a guideline. Remember that people aren't logical givers. They give based on emotion. Video is possibly the most emotional form of getting your message across."

This 90 minute workshop is catered to nonprofits interested in using video to supplement their marketing and fundraising campaigns. This class covers basic video production techniques including, content generation, filming, lighting, sound, editing and internet distribution. The class is designed for people with no background in video.

Slide deck for this presentation available here.

Notable timepoints:

  • Introductions.  1:45
  • Why is Video Important for my Organization? Rule number one is you have to do something awesome. Video is your megaphone for your message.  7:02
  • Camera: NOT as important as you think. The greatest camera in the world right now? The iPhone5.  8:40
  • How do I film pretty stuff? Angles, Rule of Thirds.  13:10
  • Lighting: Automatic settings are your friend.  20:15
  • Tripod: You need it!  21:55
  • b-roll: No one wants to watch someone sitting in a chair.  27:38
  • Sample video of good use of b-roll footage.  29:39
  • You don't need video to make a video; it's about the story.  33:38
  • Audio: Most important, most overlooked.  47:35
  • Interview: How do I keep it interesting?  53:32
  • The Visual: Cropping/Framing/Background.  55:48
  • Editing: Learn it for free, learn it when you're ready to use it.  1:00:30
  • Music: Manipulate their emotions.  1:04:37
  • Content is the secret sauce. Unfortunately, there's no rules to good content. Fortunately, Chip and Dan Heath wrote "Made to Stick" to help give you some guidelines.  1:12:01
  • Answer me this: Why do you exist? What makes you different? "Be remarkable". Keep it short.  1:55:34
  • Avoid numbers: They're not timeless, they're not emotional, and people will forget.  1:26:25
  • Distribution: put it as many places as possible! It's free!  1:28:43
  • Do not seek praise, seek criticism.  1:33:23

Intended audience

  • All levels of experience
  • Marketing, communications, external affairs


Published Wednesday, January 7, 2015