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You have heard it time and again from your board and volunteers: "We need major donors!" Many institutions want to expand due to limited foundation funding but don 't know how. You have seen other institutions bring in large major gifts that are literally game-changing for their organizations.

Yet as a single development officer you have many hats to wear. How do you educate your board into what it takes to make a worthwhile major gifts effort? What resources will you need? What training will you personally need?

This training is designed for immediate use by any development officer, executive director or board member. Learn various options for prospect research, how to work with your board and volunteers, best methods for cultivating and approaching donors, how to use events, and more, from 30-year veteran development officer and lecturer Armando Zumaya.

Notable timepoints:

  • Agenda 3:35
  • Does Your Board Understand? 6:50
  • Why Should Your Board Invest? 7:40
  • Unspoken Attitudes About Major Donor Programs 9:45
  • OK, We Invested… 11:10
  • Time + Staffing 15:50
  • Major Gifts Myths 19:15
  • Persistence and Accuracy 22:13
  • Prospect Research 24:37
  • The Basics 29:50
  • What 's Your Case? 36:19
  • How Do You Find Rich People? 41:48
  • Cultivation 46:45
  • Key Points 54:35

Intended audience

  • All levels of experience
  • Fundraising & development staff

Published Tuesday, February 24, 2015


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