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"Paying attention to the donors' needs is key, along with building a relationship."

"Board development is the single most important aspect of development work for everything else that we are talking about."

In an uncertain fundraising landscape, the healthiest, most sustainable nonprofits are those with multiple funding sources to support their work. This workshop explores what it takes to expand and sustain a blend of support from individuals, foundations, corporations, and government agencies. Learn about the infrastructure you 'll need for success in each of these areas, as well as the roles of staff, board, technology, and communication materials.  This session also addresses a variety of fundraising techniques, including direct marketing, online fundraising, the use of social media, and special events.

The two presenters, Frank Abdale, Principal at Abdale Consulting, and Roxanne Greenstein, the owner of Greenstein Consulting, will use their expertise and experiences to guide your nonprofit into a more secure financial future.

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Published Wednesday, March 6, 2013