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Since April of last year, a combination of factors — the Serve America Act, The NYC Service initiative, and the economy — has significantly increased the number of nonprofit volunteers. What elements go into a charity's decision to accept, train, and choose the right assignment for a volunteer? Learn some of the ingredients of a successful volunteer program in this session presented in collaboration with the Arts & Business Council of New York.

This is a recording of a live event. The program is presented in its entirety, but you can select a segment by advancing your audio player to the corresponding start time.


07:05 Laura Kolesar, Coordinator of the Public Service Network, City Bar Justice Center

18:00 Charles Toder, Volunteer Leader, Harvard Business School Club of New York

27:24 David Staller, Founder and Artistic Director, Gingold Theatrical Group

38:08 Q & A

Moderator: Fran Smyth, Manager of Arts Services, Arts & Business Council of New York

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Published Tuesday, April 20, 2010